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The Story of

Becoming Whole

For our collaborative project in 2022, we took a look inside ourselves and our process.

We put everything on hold for two weeks and explored our own trauma experiences.

We are so lucky and grateful to have been given this safe space and time to have the opportunity to get to the heART of the matter about the recent changes in our lives-moving away from a loving network and home, into new uncertain adventures, and, of course,  Covid.

On June 18th at 8pm Lake Arts Project's two week retreat came to an end with a heartfelt performance blending the beautiful dancing of Lizzie Tripp and Barry Molina, film, and testimony.

"Up and Out!"

The wise words of Bernadette Winters Bell continue to stay with us beyond our time during Becoming Whole. Ms. Bell is a therapist, podcaster, and educator. She was our inspiration in searching for ways to free our minds and feelings. The result was truly extraordinary and life changing for us.

Beatrice Huestis (in the front left in group photo) is our forever best friend and and guide in all things Lake Arts Project. She not only brought us into Mount Vision, NY. She has been involved in every Lake Arts collaboration, she has written our grants, assisted in developing our ideas, produced the Becoming Whole performance, and helped us navigate our way into the next chapter of collaborations after Covid.

Our performance included film portions with the following friends appearing: Nancy Watson of Feast of Crispian, Adam McKinney of DNAWorks (also PBT artistic director), Catey Ott Thompson of Catey Ott Dance Collective, and April Harris (Mother, Veteran, Advocate, and

Entrepreneur, Artist)


Lizzie and Barry are irreplaceable in our hearts. Both have been involved in our collaborations from the start. 

Lizzie Tripp and Barry Molina appeared curtesy of Milwaukee Ballet

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