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Lake Arts Project

A non-profit organization demonstrating how art is an essential part of life.

Your Support Keeps Us On Our Toes

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on grants and private donations to carry out our mission of providing opportunities for art to enrich lives; as well as for young artists to explore their craft and perform. We are deeply grateful to Bader Philanthropies for believing in our projects for 2014 through 2019.
As we search for additional grant support for future collaborations, we would greatly appreciate your gifts and donations. 

To Donate, Click on Square or PayPal below

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Because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, your donation can be a tax deductible gift to Lake Arts Project by donating through Square, PayPal, or mailing us a check directly.
For mailing instructions and requests for receipts, use our contact form.

Amounts to consider for the following needs:
   $200      artists' needs and supplies
   $300      printing programs
   $500      costume rentals and purchases
   $750      insurance to cover the artists
$1500   support an artist for one project
   $2000    production costs
   $3,500   travel expenses 
   $5,000   fees for workshop leaders, professional                           dancers and choreographers
   $7,000   collaborators Workshop Sponsor                     $15,000 Lake Arts performance sponsor                      $30,000 project Sponsor (workshop and performance costs-                                                                 dancer and  participants support, travel, housing)
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