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Lake Arts Project

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization demonstrating how art is an essential part of life.

The original mission of Lake  Arts Project is to give artists and community groups opportunities to become immersed in and connected to art-based experiences, including customized workshops, performances, involvement in arts education programs, and community collaborations. Lake Arts Project believes that art is an essential part of life that facilitates healing, connecting, expressing, and perpetuating compassion.

Since its start up in 2013, Lake Arts Project has evolved to bigger and wider ranges of collaborations. In addition to working with dancers and high school artists, Lake Arts Project has begun to work with multiple community groups including military veterans and at risk youth. We've also added more layers to our art forms by incorporating drum circles, acting exercises, and therapeutic movement exercises. These new layers are a result of teaming up with other like-minded arts educators and organizations.

Art, in all of its forms, has been highlighted as a strong tool in healing, particularly among military veterans with PTSD. The arts continue to prove their value of healing through healthy, non-violent expression. 


Today, as dance educators and former professional dancers, we strive to bring dance and art into the lives of those around us including students, their families, our audiences, and our community. 

In the classes we teach, we feel our students benefit from more than just dance training. In seeking a way to enrich our students' training and education exposure with a deeper understanding of what both dance and other art forms can bring to their lives, we have created Lake Arts Project to join forces with other like minded, arts-based organizations to bring dance and other arts together for the benefit of both those who participate and those who observe.

We feel that we all must:

  • Understand how art is vital in today's world.

  • Discover how art can directly and indirectly affect our lives, and the lives of everyone around them.

  • Learn how passion, study, and skill in art forms can lead to a balance, peace, joy, and, at times, a profession in life.
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