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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

Lake Arts Project was featured in Dance teacher Magazine's August 2018 issue.

May 16th, 2018 Shepherd Express review from John Schneider:


"Jennifer Miller and Karl von Rabenau, important Milwaukee Ballet dancers not so long ago, are running a Kickstarter campaign for an intriguing idea. Art students are making images based on their ideas of what Princess Aurora (of Sleeping Beauty) dreamed during her century asleep. Choreographers are making dances based on those images. Check it out."

Tom Strini, Tom Strini Writes-popular Milwaukee area blog



“This is a one of a kind collaboration. It's not to be missed!”

Beatrice Georgalidis, producer


“They (Karl and Jennifer) take a very individual approach.”

Kate Rideout, dancer and visual artist



"What great News!"

Tom Scardaville, Milwaukee Business


"What a fantastic idea! Love it!"

Suzie Baer, Professional dancer/teacher with Minnesota Ballet


"My former colleagues and friends, Jen and Karl, have created a beautiful project. Please check out their cause."

Susan Roemer, Founder/designer of S-Curve Apparel & Design , Professional dancer with Smuin Ballet


E V E N T S​


20th 2024

Revival of the HeART

Collaboration in Duluth, MN in April 2024 

P A S T  E V E N T S​

Becoming Whole

The Visionary

Mount Vision, NY

Social DisDance

Virtual Event

Milwaukee, WI

The HeART of War

Danceworks Theater

Milwaukee, WI

War, Worlds, Dance

The Walton Theater

Walton and Andes, NY

Moving Beyond the Battlefield

Danceworks Theater

Milwaukee, WI

Mentoring Hope
Danceworks Theater

Milwaukee, WI


Danceworks Theater

Milwaukee, WI

Imagery and Words in Motion
Danceworks Theater

Milwaukee, WI

Special Event:

Master Class with Ashley Bouder

Principal Dancer with New York City Ballet

Milwaukee Ballet School and Danceworks

Milwaukee, WI

Aurora's Dream
Danceworks Theater

Milwaukee, WI


September 2014

We held our first production meeting for "Reflections" with art directors, Sherry Moseler and Matt Luebke, at Arrowhead High School. 


We became an approved nonprofit organization, incorporated in the state of Wisconsin.


November 2014

We held our second production meeting which included our music director, Jacob Polacich.



Comments from Indiegogo Supporters


     It is my pleasure to support you in what you and the kids are doing out there. I always look for outstanding causes in the arts world, and you guys are doing it right! 



(Message from Ashley Bouder, principal dancer with New York City Ballet)



     I really love what you are doing with this project. I love the collaboration with the arts and the blending of talents from all areas to help promote and give young performers a platform to showcase their talents and passions.  My modern dance company did this to some extent. 

     Thank you for helping to expand the arts and bring artists from all avenues together for one performance. It's wonderful!

Lisa C.

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