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Karl von Rabenau

Karl is a nationally acclaimed teacher, private coach, choreographer, and arts education director. She has had the privilege of nurturing many students from around the globe.

You can reach Karl here .



Teaching and Choreography

Lake Arts Project

      -Co-Director and Co-Founder

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy

      -Manager of MBSA Riverpoint Branch (2015-present)

      -Faculty (1994-present)

          -Classes taught: technique, Pointe, Pas de Deux,  Male                               Technique, Open Adult

       -Choreography for MBSA performances

Milwaukee Ballet Company/MBII

      -Company Class Teacher

      -MBII Ballet Master & Rehearsal Assistant (2008- present)

      -Choreography for Milwaukee Ballet Company:

          Speranza 2001

      -Choreography for MBII:

          Stella Filante 1998

          Vivaldi Divertisment 2008

          La Vita Tamburo 2010

Danceworks, Inc- Milwaukee, WI

      -Faculty (2003-2009)

City Ballet Theatre- Milwaukee, WI

      -Ballet Master (2003-2007)

      -Choreography: Ava Maria, Speranza, At Last

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet- Carlisle, PA

      -Summer Faculty (1994-present)

          -Classes taught: Technique, Male Technique, Pointe, Pas de Deux,            Stretching/Injury Prevention

      -August Course (2000-2001, 2015)

      -Choreoplan-Choreographic Workshop

      -Choreography adjudicated and accepted for NE Regional                          Dance of America

Point Park University-Pittsburgh, PA

      -International Summer Dance Faculty (1998-present)

      -Classes Taught: Technique, Male Technique, Pas de Deux

      -Choreography for program performance (1999-present)

Minnesota Ballet-Duluth, MN

      -Summer Faculty (2000-present)

          -Classes Taught: Technique, Pointe, Variations

Lake Erie Ballet-Erie, PA

      -Summer Faculty (2000, 2001, 2003)

          -Classes Taught: technique, Pointe

      -Choreography adjudicated and accepted for for NE Regional Dance of                America (2001)

 Performing Arts of Spring Grove- Spring Grove, IL

        - Faculty (1999 - 2003)    

          - Classes taught: Technique, Pointe, Variations 


Central WI School of Ballet- Wausau, WI 

      - Summer faculty (1995)     

      - Classes taught: Technique, Pointe


Classical Ballet of Memphis- Memphis, TN

      - Choreography adjudicated for SE Regional Dance of America,                    (2001) 


Midland Festival Ballet- Midland, TX 

      - Choreography adjudicated for SW Regional Dance of America                             (2003)


Boston Ballet School- Boston, MA

      - Inner City Lecture Demonstrations

Professional Experience

Carlisle Project:                                                                       Dancer for Choreographic Workshops

 Barbara Weisberger, Director 1988 - 1992:

 Summer Workshops-Worked with: Martine van Hamel, Kevin McKenzie, Peter Pucci, Rebecca Wright,       

Betsy Erikson, Lila York, Paul Abrahamson, Emily Plachette, Long Nguyen,    Lucinda Hughey, Tarin Chaplin


Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet:

Marcia Dale Weary, Director 1990 - 1993: 

La Papillon Divertissement (De Ribere): Principal 

Harliquinade Pas de Deux (Balanchine) 

Cinderella (Meyers): Dragonfly, Suitor 

The Sleeping Beauty (Ashton): Pas de Trois, Rose Adagio

Divertimento #13 (Lead Male) 

Tarentella Pas de Deux (Balanchine)


Omaha Ballet: 

Robert Vickrey, Artistic Director 1987 - 88                                        Corps de Ballet 


    Allegro Brilliante (Balanchine): Corps 

    A Midsummer Night's Dream (Wells)

    A New Work (Wells) 

    Forgotten Memories (Anastos) 

    Varigated Vivaldi (Forsythe) 

    Nutcracker (Vickrey): Snow King, Arabian, Spanish, Soldier Doll

    Worked with: Robert Vickrey, Robin Welch, Vicki Simon, Peter       Anastos, Bruce Wells, Anne-Marie Forsythe


Guest Artist Roles:

    Swan Lake (Siegfried), Sleeping Beauty (Prince, Bluebird),               Giselle (Albrecht),  La Bayadère/Second Act, Nutcracker                 (Prince), Joan of Arc (Dauphin), Graduation Ball (Cadet)


Boston Ballet Company: 

        Bruce Marks, Artistic Director 1984 - 1987                           Boston Ballet II/Apprentice 


         Tales of Hans Christian Anderson (Wells/Marks) 

          Little Improvisations (Tudor) 

          Nutcracker (Marks/Wells): Spanish 

          Don Quixote (Nureyev): Fisherman 

          Toured New England with Repertoire: 1985 - 87 



Milwaukee Ballet Company: 1993-2003 Soloist                                            Artistic Directors: Michael Pink (2002 - 2003); Simon Dow (1999 -        2002); Basil Thompson (1995 - 1999); Dane La Fontsee (1993 -            1995)

      Performing: 1993 - present 

         Rubies (Balanchine): Lead

         Four Temperaments (Balanchine): Phlegmatic, 1st Theme

         Moor's Pavane (Limon); Iago

         Concerto Barocco (Balanchine)

         Serenade (Balanchine): Waltz Lead, Elegy

         Unknown Territory (Goh): Lead

          In the Glow of the Night (Goh): 2nd Movement Lead

         Configurations (Goh): Soloist

         Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux: (Balanchine)

         Sleeping Beauty (Schergen-Petipa): Prince, Bluebird, Pas de                   Trois

         Swan Lake (Petipa/Ivanov): Benno, White Swan Pas de Deux

         Equinox (Canfield): Lead

         Panoramagrams (Moulton): Duet couple

         Casey at the Bat (De Ribere): Casey, Catcher

         Billy the Kid (Loring): Pat Garrett

         Don Quixote (Dow): Young Don Quixote

         Mood Swings (Parsons)

         Bachiana (Parsons)

         Nutcracker (De Ribere): Nutcracker Prince, Spanish, Drosselmeyer Nutcracker                     (Comelin): Nutcracker Prince: Snow Pas, Grand Pas, Waltz of Flowers lead, Pierrot

         A Midsummer Nights' Dream (Wells): Demetrius

         The Tempest (Smuin): Tarantella, Jester

         Romeo and Juliet (Wells): Benvolio 

         Romance (Simon): Green couple

         Soul, Figure, Sky (Vasterling): Soloist

         Minion Pas de Trois (LaFontsee)

         Who Cares (Balanchine): Soloist 

         Les Nuits D'ete (Comelin): Winter

         Carmina Burana (Utoff): Friend

         Scotch Symphony (Balanchine): Demi-soloist

         Series V (Pelzig): Soloist

         Stepping Stones (Posin): Soloist 

         Allegro Brilliante (Balanchine): Lead

         Harvest Moon (DeRibere): Tango, Lead M.P.

         Remembrances (La Fontsee): Soloist

         Ember Visions(La Fontsee): Lead

         Cinderella (Comelin): Winter Fairy, Spring Fairy   

         Theme And Variations: (Balanchine) soloist

Worked with:  Dane La Fontsee, Basil Thompson, Simon Dow, Michael Pink, Gary 

Masters, Vicki Simon, Jean-Paul Comelin, Charles Moulton, Katherine Posin, Lisa De Ribere, Janek Schergen, Bruce Wells, Mark Godden,  JaimeMartinez,  Jana Fugate, Laura Gorenstein-Miller, Daniel Pelzig 


Pittsburgh Ballet Theater: 1988 - 1993: Corps de Ballet 

        Patricia Wilde, Artistic Director 

           Performing:   1992 - 1993:

           Configurations (Goh): Soloist

           Don Quixote (Beriozoff): Matador, Gypsy, Marionette

           Elite Syncopation's (Macmillan): Golden Hours

           Nutcracker (Balanchine): Cavalier, Candy Cane, Tea, Spanish, Soldier Doll                             Prodigal Son (Balanchine): Friend, Goon

           Taming of the Shrew (Cranko): Lucentio, Pas de Six

           Tarantella Pas de Deux (Balanchine)

           Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux (Balanchine)

           Between Ourselves (Caniparoli): First Movement Soloist

           Fall River Legend (deMille): Nocturne lead, Corps

           Giselle (Coralli/Perrot/Franklin): Peasant Pas de Deux

           Great Galloping Gottschalk (Taylor-Corbett): La Bananiere, La                                                Souvenier

            In the Glow of the Night (Goh): First Movement Principal

            A Midsummer Night's Dream (Wells): Demetrius, Oberon's Court

            Square Dance (Balanchine): Corps

            Music (De Ribere): First Movement Soloist

            The River (Ailey): Meander, Falls, Corps

            Romeo and Juliet (Wells): Benvolio, Mandolin dance

            Rossini Variations (Wells): Pas de Trois

            Swan Lake (Petipa/Ivanov): Jester, Mazurka

            Theme and Variations (Balanchine): soloist

            Western Symphony (Balanchine): Third Movement lead

            Allegro Brilliante (Balanchine): Corps

            Con Amoré (Christensen): Sailor, Husband

            Coppélia (Franklin): Corps

            Dances of the Czar (Wells): Classical section

            Gaîté Parisienne (Massine): Dancemaster, Waiter

            The Great Gatsby (Prokovsky): Corps

            The Mighty Casey (De Ribere): Other Team: Shortstop, Pitcher

            Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto (Wells): Demi-soloist

            Sojourn (Abrahamson): Soloist

 Worked with: Patricia Wilde, Bruce Wells, Janek Schergen, Dana Arey, Vicki Simon, 

John Taras, Val Canaparoli, Lisa deRibere,Leonid Beriozoff, Terri Orr, Lynn Taylor-Corbett, Rick McCullough, Paul Abrahamson, Lila York, Gerogette Tsinguirides, Monika Parker



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