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The Social DisDANCE Project

Covid shut everything down in March 2020

Lake Arts Project learned to pivot like so many other organizations. Our collaboration in progress was paused, and we opted for a virtual collaboration. Social DisDANCE is a series of footage of our participants-dancers, teachers, veterans, musicians, and choreographers telling their stories in their unique, creative way, with improvisational music, dance, and words. The result was truly heartfelt and honest.

Social DisDANCE was edited and produced by Beatrice Huestis. It was released in a livestream event on social media, followed by interviews and discussion.

Social DisDANCE Artists: Carissa DiPietro (artists/veteran), Denise Bleakly (artist/veteran), Heather Sattler (musician/educator), Alec Feldges (musician/educator), Ben Kramer (musician), Ryan Meisel (musician/educator), Kadence von Rabenau (musician), Anthony Cefalu (dancer), Thom Dancy (dancer/choreographer), Arianna Fleischman (dancer), Sophie Herron (dancer), Adam McKinney (educator/dancer/choreographer), Ashley McQueen (dancer/choreographer), Grace Miller (dancer), Lillie Miller (dancer), Barry Molina (dancer), Elisabeth O'Keefe Roskopf (dancer/choreographer), Maddie Rhode (dancer), Catey Ott Thompson (educator/dancer/choreographer), Lizzie Tripp (dancer), Bonnie Watson (dancer/choreographer)

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