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Aurora's Dream and Reflections projects


Comments from Indiegogo Supporters


Dear Karl and Jenny, 


     It is my pleasure to support you in what you and the kids are doing out there. I always look for outstanding causes in the arts world, and you guys are doing it right! 




(Message from Ashley Bouder, principal dancer with New York City Ballet)



     I really love what you are doing with this project. I love the collaboration with the arts and the blending of talents from all areas to help promote and give young performers a platform to showcase their talents and passions.  My modern dance company did this to some extent. 


Thank you for helping to expand the arts and bring artists from all avenues together for one performance.  


It's wonderful!


Lisa C.

Milwaukee Fringe Festival

Project Festival Performance

Lake Arts Project will be taking part in the Milwaukee Fringe Festival on August 27 - 28.

A Conversation with Lisa Barrieau, dancer with Lake Arts Project

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