Lake Arts Project

A non-profit organization demonstrating how art is an essential part of life.


Lake Arts Project has been introducing and sharing arts-based experiences since 2013. We are a non-profit organization that knows that the value of the arts in our communities make an enormous difference in the quality of life we feel. The arts: dance, music, visual art, acting, and expression help us to find balance and harmony in the very core of our being. We need to let our inside feelings come out.

Lake Arts Project, like most other businesses, educators, and non-profits have danced forward and learned to adapt to the challenges of our current social distancing guidelines. We have found an even greater need for the arts as a tool to balance mental health for those dealing with the isolation of quarantine. We will continue to create, collaborate, and express, while being innovative in order to pursue our mission. We promise to strive to maintain an ongoing presence, strong communications, and impactful performance ideas.
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