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Lake Arts Project began its 2019-2020 with the intention of creating the collaboration project “Circles,” our 7th year working with Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy, 3rd year working with Feast of Crispian and Veterans, as well as our 2nd year working with Alliance High School. Our veteran collaborators transitioned from being a group of people we were trying to help, into leaders and mentors for our high school students, dancers, and even to us, the directors.

We were successfully able to host 3 Circles workshops.

Then the pandemic hit…

In March 2020, everything in both Milwaukee and Duluth shut down. It became clear that our season seven final performance “Circles,” could not go on that spring as planned. Lake Arts Project asked all of the artists involved in “Circles” and some artists from past years to create personal videos to express how they are dealing with their isolation. We held some Zoom meetings to discuss the project transition and to “check in” on each other. We all agreed that we needed and deserved to have a final performance, even if the result took a different shape.

Social disDance Project is the culmination of these efforts.

We created our film with the help of filmmaker, Beatrice Georgalidis. Lake Arts Project presents its 2021 multi-media collaboration:


Social DisDANCE Project



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From Heartache to Healing and Hope 3/22/21 Podcast featuring Lake Arts Project and Feast of Crispian 
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Lake Arts Project has been introducing and sharing arts-based experiences since 2013. We are a non-profit organization that knows that the value of the arts in our communities make an enormous difference in the quality of life we feel. The arts: dance, music, visual art, acting, and expression help us to find balance and harmony in the very core of our being. We need to let our inside feelings come out.

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Lake Arts Project, like most other businesses, educators, and non-profits have danced forward and learned to adapt to the challenges of our current social distancing guidelines. We have found an even greater need for the arts as a tool to balance mental health for those dealing with the isolation of quarantine. We will continue to create, collaborate, and express, while being innovative in order to pursue our mission. We promise to strive to maintain an ongoing presence, strong communications, and impactful performance ideas.
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